MS Project – For when you have nothing better to do…no really!

Project steps

Ok, this is a totally frivolous blog. What you are about to learn is of no use whatsoever other than to pass the time, or show your colleagues a totally random and surprisingly entertaining (in a geeky way) bit of misuse of MS Project.

Create two tasks of equal duration.

Two tasks of equal duration

Two tasks of equal duration

Click into the FINISH cell for TASK1 and then click on COPY.

Then click into the START cell of TASK2.

Click on the arrow under PASTE and select PASTE SPECIAL.

Paste special option

Paste special option

Then select PASTE LINK and click on OK.



Do the same but this time starting in TASK2, pasting the FINISH date into the START cell of TASK1, making sure you use PASTE LINK again.

Click on OK and watch your two tasks step across your Gantt chart.

See the video of the whole set up and see those tasks move!

It’s amazing what geeks find entertaining!

Note that by doing this the tasks will walk to the end of time in your project plan. To stop it all, just delete the tasks.




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