About Excelmate

I am currently working as an IT training consultant, based in Crawley near Gatwick airport UK. My main topic is Excel, teaching from basics right through to VBA. To keep me out of mischief I also run classes in Access, PowerPoint, SQL, MS Project, Primavera P6, Photoshop and Captivate as well as presentation skills, train the trainer and cultural awareness (Japan).

Love trying out new stuff in all these products and like to help people out if possible, whatever the problem, so I also have a Twitter account (@excelmate) where I post short tips and tricks from time to time as well as answer questions relating to any of the topics mentioned above.

Hope you find my blogs useful or of interest and if you want to suggest any topics for me to cover then post a message and I’ll see what I can do.

Richard (aka Excelmate)

  1. Md Khalequzzaman Rony


    First want to thank you for sharing awesome post with Us.I really Enjoyed to read your posts basically about Primavera Software..

    We are USA based Consulting Company.Over 2 years we are living online and helping our friends.

    I am willing to write on your blog for basic problems and how to solve these easily..

    By the way.All Posts will be High quality,unique and wishing your reader must will love to read and get help

    Md Khalequzzaman

    • I would be happy to view a sample blog to see if it fits in with the style and purpose of my current blogs and then perhaps start some guest blogs

      • I am first time at this website, but I can’t leave during last 2 hours. There are many useful articles.
        Thank you for your support and I wish for Success in Future.

        Mashhurbek Mirzayev from Uzbekistan

      • Glad you’re finding some useful stuff. Will continue to add more

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